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 Email Marketing

Here at Pose Digital we are huge fan girls of email marketing. Did you know your email list is one of the few things your business owns from a marketing standpoint? Consider social media accounts the equivalent of renting a home, whereas email marketing is like being a home owner. Whether you want to grow your email leads fast or nurture your existing leads we are here to help.

What we specialise in

 Content Creation

If you’re feeling totally overwhelmed and burned out having to constantly churn out endless photos and videos for your social media accounts then let us take care of it for you. We pride ourselves on getting to know your brand inside out and creating videos, images, blog posts and graphics that showcase your brand to the people that love it the most.

What we specialise in

Social Media Management

With the social media algorithms changing what feels like every day it can feel overwhelming trying to keep on top of it all. Free up your time and let us manage your social media accounts so that we can grow them for you while you spend time doing what you love most.


What we specialise in


£400 one off fee
  • Marketing audit
  • Bespoke strategy
  • 2 hours marketing training support
  • 1 x 30 minute check in call


£700 per month
  • 20 hours of marketing support
  • Bespoke marketing strategy
  • Monthly reports
  • Great for slow growth and maintenance


£1200 per month
  • 40 hours of marketing support
  • Bespoke marketing strategy
  • Monthly reports
  • Great for fast growth and brand launch

What to expect

We really get to know each of our clients on a personal basis. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach. As much as we like deliver results we also believe in having fun along the way too. 

 We don’t like to brag but we like to believe we are email marketing wizz kids! Whether you’re starting from 0 email subs or 10,000 let us help you grow your list and make sales while you sleep! 

 We understand as a fellow small business that time is money and where possible you get the best results when you are in your zone of genius. If you are getting overwhelmed managing the marketing for your business then let us take the heat off for you ensuring we deliver results while you spend more time doing what you love!

What NOT to expect

As much as we wish there was a magic formula that you could apply to 10x your business sales unfortunately it’s just not the case. As with all good things we believe in building the foundations to achieve long lasting success and results rather than a overnight fix. 

Often when we speak to new clients they state that their goal is to get 10,000 followers. While this is a great goal to have unless these 10,000 followers are quality leads they just won’t generate any more sales for your business. Here at Pose we focus on helping you to build quality leads that are likely to convert!

We ensure that the advice we give to each client is bespoke and based on their individual needs and goals. 

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