Hey, I am Chloe

With over eight years experience I am passionate about helping you grow your business

Hey, my name is Chloe and I am the founder of the Pose Digital Agency. I founded the Pose Digital Agency back in 2020 (I know a bit of a nutter for starting a new bis during a pandemic) with the intention of building a boutique style agency that holistically works with small businesses to help bring their marketing dreams to life. Two and a half years later I am truly honoured to have helped a number of small businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. So why should you hire a marketing agency I hear you ask? Lets be honest, if you’re a small bis owner you’ve probably got 1 million and one things to be getting on with and perhaps the thought of marketing makes you get into an overwhelmed tiz. That’s where I come in, I genuinely love creating content and bringing your big, audacious marketing plans to life. My goal is to help your business grow to the next level and we can also have some fun along the way, because hey what is life without a little fun!

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Things we’ve achieved

Helped a client grow from 0 – 10k+ email subs in less than two years

Grew an Instagram account from 0 – 1500+ followers in under six months 

2.5x a clients email sub list in a year

Helped a business to achieve their best year in sales after 30+ years of trading

Have helped a client to 2.5x their sales for two years

Helped a client to double their client base in under three months

Let us work our magic on your business

We have over eight years experience working with small product based businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. We can help if your business is new to market and you are hoping to build your marketing foundations and grow your audience, presence and sales. Or if you are a more established business looking to take things to the next level, we can make your marketing dreams a reality.